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A common question about origin is:
¿De dónde eres?
     Where are you from?

We answer with the verb ser which means to be.

yo soy I am
eres you are
Ud./él/ella es you/he/she is
nosotros/as somos we are
vosotros/as sois you guys are
Uds./ellos/ellas son you all/they are

The verb ser has different uses; one of them is to talk about origin or nationality, we add de after the verb. In this context de means from.

Yo soy de México.
     I am from Mexico.
Yo soy de Puerto Rico.
     I am from Puerto Rico.
Tú eres de Kentucky.
     You are from Kentucky.
Él es de Cuba.
     He is from Cuba.
Nosotros somos de Alemania.
     We are from Germany.
Los jóvenes son de México.
     The young guys are from Mexico.
El maestro es de la ciudad.
     The teacher is from the city.

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