Verb estar - to be  

Spanish 101 Estar - to be
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The verb estar is irregular in the present tense.

yo estoy I am
estás you are
Ud./él/ella> está you/he/she is
nosotros/as estamos we are
vosotros/as estáis you guys are
Uds./ellos/ellas están you all/they are

Estar expresses a location, or a changeable state or condition.

 Estoy feliz.
      I am happy.
 ¡Estás lívida!
      You are livid! (feminine)
 Esta cuchara está limpia.
      This spoon is clean.
 Estamos en el mercado.
      We are at the market.
 Estáis contentos.
      You all are happy. (masculine)
 Estas casas están lejos.
      These houses are far.

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