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More Demonstrative Adjectives!
These demonstrative refer to the person or thing that are not close to the person talking ese, esa, esos, esas.

Ese cepillo es nuevo.
      That brush is new. (masculine singular)
Quiero esos bolígrafos.
      I want those pens. (masculine plural)
Esa taza es grande.
      That cup is big. (feminine singular)
Yo elijo esas píldoras.
      I choose those pills. (feminine plural)
Yo elijo ese antibiótico.
      I choose that antibiotic. (masculine singular)
Esos pantalones están sucios.
      Those pants are dirty. (masculine plural)
Esa película es interesante.
      That movie is interesting. (feminine singular)
Quiero esas plumas.
      I want those feathers. (feminine plural)

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