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Spanish 101 Color Vocabulary
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  ¡Los colores son adjetivos!  (Colors are adjectives!)

Unlike English, the colors always follow the noun they describe. They agree in gender and number when the color ends with a, o. When it ends with e or a consonant it remains the same.

tomate rojo
      red tomato
Mi camisa es naranja.
      My shirt is orange.
banano amarillo
      yellow banana
árbol verde
      green tree
Yo quiero la camisa azul.
       I want the blue shirt.
El vestido no es ni azul ni morado.
       The dress is neither blue nor purple.
El ratoncito es marrón.
      The little mouse is brown.
El perro es negro.
      The dog is black.
El gatito es gris.
      The kitten is grey.
zapato blanco
      white shoe

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Icon Legend

Icons are color coded by Spanish level:

Green = Beginner
Blue = Intermediate
Orange = Advanced

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