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As Hispanic populations increase in the United States, bank taff must interact more with Spanish speaking clients. Let's listen to some simple conversation:

Buenos dias.
Good morning.

¿Tiene una cuenta con nosotros?
Do you have an account with us?

¿En dónde abrió su cuenta?
Where did you open your account?

¿Le gustaría abrir una cuenta con nosotros?
Would you like to open an account with us?

What kind of account would you like to open?
¿Qué tipo de cuenta quisiera abrir?

¿Quiere abrir una cuenta de ahorros?
Do you want to open a savings account?

¿Quiere abrir una cuenta de cheques?
Do you want to open a checking account?

Por favor llene este formulario.
Please fill out this form.

The Flashcards, Videos and Dialogues to the right provide many examples of banking terminology and conversation.

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