Use of "acabar de"  

Grammar Spanish Prepositions Acabar de

The verb acabar (conjugation) means "to finish" or "to end".

yo acabo (I finish)
acabas (you finish)
Ud/él/ella acaba (you/he/she finishes)
nosotros (as) acabamos (we finish)
vosotros (as) acabáis (you guys finish)
Uds/ellos/ellas acaban (you all/they finish)

The preposition de is placed after the verb acabar to create an essential Spanish expression, acabar de, which means "to have just".

Acabo de regresar de vacaciones.
I've just returned from holiday (vacation).

Acabo de ver a Juan.
I've just seen Juan.

Acabo de pasar una dura jornada.
I've just had a trying day.

Acabas de invitar a Pablo a cenar.
You have just invited Pablo to have dinner.

Ejecute el programa que acaba de descargar.
Execute the program you just downloaded.

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