Se Habla...La Paz  

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La Paz, Mexico
Students Referred: 2097
Instructions & Pricing
Levels: Beginner to Advanced
School Size: Medium
Deposit or Fee: US $75.00

Individual Instruction
- Hourly Cost: US $22.00

Class Instruction
- Class Size: 2 to 4 students
- Hours per Week: 20
- Weekly Cost: US $200 - $299
- Min. Weeks Study: 1

  • Live w/ Family
Special Programs

Custom Programs, Medical, Legal


Over the past 9 years, Se Habla...La Paz has gained a reputation locally and internationally for the caliber of the instructors and educational materials. (see Student feedback) Our mission is to assist every student to achieve his or her goals in learning and advancing their Spanish proficiency in a manner that is comfortable, efficient and ultimately satisfying for each and every student. To that end, we do everything possible to tailor the classroom experience and those experiences outside of the classroom to meet the needs and desires of the students. The instructors speak and teach at the level of the particular class - for this reason, the students can understand clearly the words and how they are put together in Spanish and get their ears tuned to then have the confidence to go out and speak & listen. As the student progresses, the instructors move their Spanish up to lead the student's into a higher proficiency. Our instruction methodology is used by all of our teachers so that the student experiences uniformity of teaching in every class.

Students are typically here at the school 4-5 hours per day. With the Thursday afternoon cultural presentations, students have the opportunity to learn about Mexican holidays and traditions, in Spanish, with handouts, visuals and auditory educational tools. For true immersion, we prefer that the student participate in the community after class where the language is natural and the customs follow the natural rhythms of society. We encourage the student to go out into the community to view and participate in activities like theater, music, demonstrations, dancing, painting, cooking, etc.

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