We are goint to MA National park, I can't wait.  

Title: We are goint to MA National park, I can't wait.
Location: Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Thank God I´ve had Adan here my first week. I practice my spanish on him while we watch dubbed reruns of the OC and he practices the little english he knows on me. And he doesn´t seem to mind that I should like Ivan Drago from Rocky 4 when I talk. Last night I had my best conversation yet. Vidalia, Adan and I talked for almost 2 hours straight about pretty much everything, it was excellent. Spanish immersion Classes are good, but we haven´t been talking as much as I´ve wanted to in them. It´s been mostly us listening to the professor, which is okay I guess. I´m not going back to Punteranas this weekend; I asked my famiy if it would be okay if I went with friends to school to Manuel Antonio for the weekend so i could see a different part of the country. They didn´t seem to mind at all. I think a bunch of us, maybe 10 other students are going to Manuel Antonio which is really beautiful i hear, and a national park/rainforest which is part of the city. Anyway, its about 2 hours south of Jacó, which is about 2 hours west of san Jose, so a four hour bus ride in total. We're renting a couple rooms at a hotel, though I personally wanted to opt for the cabins on the beach, but my ideas have been pushed away like a can of spam by all the chicks here, so i´m just going with the flow. I also got a good feeling I´ll have some great Marcos stories when I get back. Things are incredibly cheap here. A 4 hour bus ride to Manuel Antonio is only 3 bucks and a night in the hotel is like 6 dollars a person. Also, a 6-pack of corona is only a $1.50, not that I would know how much that costs in the U.S. mom, but I think it's considerably cheaper. The rod I bought is a really nice Shakespeare; real sexy looking with the reel I brought with so dad you are going to have to buy yourself a new reel because I'm keeping this one. I gave my box of rice krispie treats to Mario, and the kid loves em; muy rico he says. Side note; while I´m writing this the lady next door is blowing chunks something fierce. I get waited on like a God here. After I came in the other night soaking wet, grandma dryed off my feet! And whenever, I sit down at the dinner table, BOOM, a plate of heaping food magically appears.

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