A Short Bus Ride  

Title: A Short Bus Ride
Location: Bariloche, Argentina

Bariloche, Argentina - I can't wait to come back After a relativley short bus ride of 200km´s south, we arrived in one of the main / biggest lake district towns - Bariloche. First impressions were not brilliant, it seemed as though Bariloche was just another big town, albeit with a great location on the side of Lago Haupi (sp?). However having visited the tourist information we were relieved to find that many cabins and self-catering hostels were located just outside the city, which meant that we did not have to spend the equivalent on a hotel. The first bungalow/ cabana we arrived at was akin to a granny-flat (no offence directed towards grannies!!) in that it was overly hot and quite stuffy, with the un-nerving smell of gas from the old style boiler... however blinded by the low price, we accepted it....only to decide a few hours later that it was not as good value as first perceived. Having snuck out (trying to run inconspicuously with our huge backpacks) we found a much better suited cabana for a tad more. We have spent 5 nights in Bariloche now and have had a really great time. Most days we have ridden on the local buses into the town for internet cafe´s and supermarkets, while continuing with the theme of walking and biking and enjoying the still novel experience of home cooking, and using the Spanish we are learning to chat with locals. We had a good day yesterday, being lucky enough to catch a rally in the morning. Also, as luck would have it, we managed to spend time with our travelling friends. Our friends had left us at Mendoza and gone down south, to come back up north in the opposite direction to us, yet with the wonders of technology, we kept in touch and ended up in Bariloche at the same time. Currently we are faced with the daunting prospect of catching a 48 hour bus to El Calafate, the next place south on our list. We packed up this morning and have spent the past 3 hours on the internet searching for alternative modes of transport! As it stands, none have been found and so it looks as though our time in Bariloche will come to an end tomorrow when we take the plunge and board the longest bus ride ever!!! Bariloche is a great place; I can't wait to come back.

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