I’m Finally Learning Spanish!  

Title: I’m Finally Learning Spanish!
Location: Cochabamba, Bolivia

Well I´ve arrived in Cochabamba to do Spanish School for 2 weeks. Cochabamba has a semi tropical climate so liking one half of that! It's pretty cold in the evenings and first thing in the morning. Normally at home that would be fine as you all know I don't do mornings and never like to venture out after dark!! However, here my classes start at 8.15am! It's been difficult, but I'm coping! Anyway, the classes are great as I have a teacher all to myself so my spanish is improving everyday. The school is about three minutes walk from my house so I really do have it easy here. I am living with a local family in an ex-miners co-operatives neighbourhood. They have a two year old daughter, and hopefully by her forcing me to watch kids films dubbed in Spanish I am also learning at home too! It's great to be able to use my Spanish with their family, I am really improving!

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