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¿Estuviste paseando por la playa?
Were you walking on the beach?
Tú estuviste en el río.
You were in the river.
¿Después qué estuviste haciendo?
After that what were you doing?
Estuviste estudiando con ellos.
You were studying with them.
¿Estuviste en la clase de ayer, o no estuviste? Sí, estuve en la clase.
You were in the class yesterday, weren’t you? Yes, I was in the class.
Tú estuviste regando las flores a la abuela. Tú se las estuviste regando.
You were watering the plants for grandma. You were watering them for her.
Tú estuviste arreglando las maletas a la niña. Tú se las estuviste arreglando.
You were preparing the suitcases to the girl. You were preparing them to her.
Tú estuviste regando las flores a la tía. Tú estuviste regándoselas.
You were watering the flowers to the aunt. You were watering them to her.
¿Estuviste viviendo en Venezuela mucho tiempo?
Were you living in Venezuela for a long time?

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