Spanish Word for wrong  

English Word: wrong (to be ~)

Spanish Word: estar equivocado
The Spanish Word for wrong (to be ~)
Now you know how to say wrong in Spanish. :-)
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Translated sentences containing 'wrong'
I haven't done anything wrong.
No he hecho nada malo.
You said that you took the wrong flight.
Tú dijiste que tomaste el vuelo equivocado.
You have been wrong.
Os habéis equivocado.
I'm afraid you've got the wrong number.
Me temo que se ha equivocado de número.
Some part is wrong.
Alguna pieza está mala.
Sorry, I've called the wrong number.
Perdone, me he equivocado.
They made the wrong decision.
Tomaron la decisión errónea.
to be wrong
No tener razón
My neighbor rubbed me the wrong way.
Mi vecina me agotaba la paciencia.
She is wrong if she thinks they are going to invite her to the party.
Se equivoca si piensa que la van a invitar a la fiesta.
You are wrong if you think they are going to invite you to the party.
Te equivocas si piensas que te van a invitar a la fiesta.
You've taken the wrong road.
Se ha equivocado de calle.
We went to the wrong party.
Nos equivocamos de fiesta.
They took the wrong street.
Se equivocaron de calle.
I took the wrong street.
Me equivoqué de calle.
They showed up at the wrong time.
Se equivocaron de hora.
The teacher admitted she was wrong.
La maestra admitió que estaba equivocada.
The teacher doesn't want to admit she was wrong.
La maestra no quiere admitir que estaba equivocada.
To be mistaken / to be wrong
Estar equivocado
wrong number
Número equivocado

That would be very wrong.
Esto no sería nada bueno.
What is so wrong with it?
¿Por qué eso estaría tan mal?
To do so would be wrong.
Hacerlo sería un error.
Both of these are wrong.
Ninguna de las dos es correcta.
You did not and that was wrong.
No lo ha hecho, y eso es negativo.
It is wrong for them not to be here.
Está mal que no asistan.
If they are not doing this, they are doing wrong.
Si no lo hacen así, lo están haciendo mal.
They cannot all be wrong!
¡No pueden estar todos equivocados!
That has to be wrong.
Eso no puede estar bien.
What is wrong with that?
¿Qué hay de malo en ello?
What is wrong with that?
¿Qué hay de malo en ello?
This is wrong, simply wrong!
¡Es falso! ¡Es falso!
The Council is wrong, the Commission is wrong.
El Consejo está equivocado y la Comisión está equivocada.
It is the wrong reflex at the wrong level.
Es el reflejo equivocado en el nivel equivocado.
If I am wrong, prove me wrong.
Si estoy equivocado, demuéstrenmelo.
If you think I am wrong, prove me wrong.
Si creen que no tengo razón, demuéstrenmelo.
They are wrong; they are aimed at the wrong people.
No son correctos, van dirigidos a la gente equivocada.
We cannot say that it is all wrong.
No podemos decir que esté todo mal.
This was wrong and unacceptable.
Eso estaba mal hecho y era inaceptable.
What is wrong with Sweden?
¿Qué está ocurriendo en Suecia?
I think that that is wrong.
Opino que esto es erróneo.
That would seem wrong to me.
Me parece un error.
I think this is wrong.
Lo considero erróneo.
There is something wrong there.
Esto no está bien.
That, I think, is wrong.
Creo que esto es falso.
We believe that this is wrong.
Creemos que esto es un error.
So what has gone wrong?
¿Qué ha fallado entonces?
It is incorrect and it is wrong.
Esto es incorrecto y erróneo.
What have we done wrong?
¿Qué hicimos?
There is something wrong with it.
Lo que ahí se dice es falso.
There is nothing wrong with that.
No hay nada malo en ello.
The Commission is wrong there.
La Comisión se equivoca en este punto.
There is nothing wrong with that.
No hay nada malo en ello.
I hope I am wrong.
Espero estar equivocado.
We believe this to be wrong.
Creemos que esto es un error.
So we have got this wrong.
Así que nos hemos equivocado.
Where did we go wrong?
¿Dónde nos equivocamos?
I think this is wrong.
Creo que es un argumento equivocado.
Do not get me wrong.
No me interpreten mal.
What is wrong with this logic?
¿Qué hay de malo en esta lógica?
That is why the policy is wrong.
Por eso se trata de una política equivocada.
Both of these approaches are wrong.
Ambos enfoques están equivocados.
   I am sorry, you are wrong.
   Lo siento, está usted equivocado.
That may be so, but what is wrong with that?
Puede que tengan razón, pero ¿qué hay de malo en ello?
A lot of it was wrong.
Gran parte de ello es falso.
It is excessive and wrong.
Es excesivo y erróneo.
What is wrong with the Treaty?
¿Qué hay de malo en el Tratado?
With respect, that is wrong.
Con todos los respetos, están equivocados.
This is the wrong policy.
Es una política errónea.
That is wrong and we should change it.
Eso está mal y debemos cambiarlo.
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