Spanish Word for vegetarian  

English Word: vegetarian

Spanish Word: vegetariano
The Spanish Word for vegetarian
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Translated sentences containing 'vegetarian'
I'm a vegetarian. (masculine)
Soy vegetariano.
Is there a vegetarian option?
¿Hay algo vegetariano?
The menu is vegetarian.
El menú es vegetariano.
Is it possible to order vegetarian meals?
¿Es posible conseguir comida vegetariana?
Is there a vegetarian restaurant around here?
¿Hay un restaurante vegetariano por aqui?

Everyone who is not a vegetarian must acknowledge that.
Todo aquel que no sea vegetariano debe reconocerlo.
I am not a closet vegetarian but I am a bit of a linguist.
No soy vegetariano a escondidas, pero sí un poco lingüista.
I myself have been vegetarian for years and years, even on aircraft.
Yo misma he sido vegetariana durante años, incluso en los aviones.
As a vegetarian, I have strong reservations about the whole meat production business.
Como vegetarianos, tengo grandes reservas acerca del sector cárnico en su conjunto.
I have been following the Swedish debate and learned that you suddenly discovered that you are really a vegetarian, or at least a part-time vegetarian.
He seguido el debate sueco y me he enterado que usted, señor Presidente del Consejo, súbitamente ha descubierto que realmente es vegetariano o, al menos, vegetariano de tiempo parcial.
It must mean that in the future we will be eating more vegetarian food and rather less meat, and so on.
Seguramente, esto significará que en el futuro produciremos y consumiremos ligeramente más vegetales y menos carne.
We tried to make cows, which are vegetarian, into omnivores, and that gave us BSE.
Intentamos hacer de la vaca, un animal vegetariano, un omnívoro, y el resultado es la EEB.
So I would have to say to you, yes, I might be a vegetarian, but this will really not tell you anything.
Así que yo tendría que decirles, sí, podría ser vegetariano, pero esto en realidad no les diría nada.
It now has vegetarian dishes as well, which it did not have many of before, but nearly all the recipes contain meat.
Ya cuenta con más platos vegetarianos, que no tenía anteriormente, pero casi todas las recetas llevan carne.
Here we are looking specifically at high-quality protein which is to be fed to non-vegetarian animals.
Aquí se trata de proteínas de alto valor que se quieren dar a animales no vegetarianos.
Meanwhile, the author of the key UN report on this, Sir Nicholas Stern, urges us to become vegetarian to stop cows farting.
Entretanto, el autor del principal informe de las Naciones Unidas sobre este tema, Sir Nicholas Stern, nos insta a hacernos vegetarianos para evitar las flatulencias de las vacas.
Only this week we see that this Parliament will be entertaining the vegetarian lobby, claiming that meat eaters and, by association, farmers, are climate criminals.
Tan solo esta semana hemos visto que este Parlamento recibirá al lobby vegetariano, que reivindica que los consumidores de carne y, por asociación, los productores, son criminales climáticos.
I do not know whether Mr Macartney is a closet vegetarian and is trying to ban all British beef, but I suspect in this case he has been rumbled.
No sé si el Sr. Macartney será vegetariano a escondidas y está intentando prohibir toda la carne de vacuno británica, pero sospecho que en este caso le han pillado.
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