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English Word: singer

Spanish Word: cantante
The Spanish Word for singer
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Translated sentences containing 'singer'
We loved the new rock singer.
Nos fascinó la nueva cantante de rock.
I wish you had met the singer after the concert.
Ojalá hubieras conocido al cantante después del concierto.
We are asking for a new singer.
Nosotros estamos pidiendo un cantante nuevo.
The singer is very pretty.
La cantante es muy hermosa.
He was writing to the singer everyday.
Él escribía al cantante (todos los días).
When I grow up I want to be a singer
Cuando sea grande quiero ser cantante.
We are asking for a new singer.
Nosotros estamos pidiendo un cantante nuevo.
He was writing to the singer.
Él escribía al cantante.
You were watching the singer on the stage.
Tú veías al cantante en el escenario.
The teenagers have taken the poster of their favorite singer.
Los adolescentes han cogido el póster de su cantante favorito.
I'm a lousy singer, my voice sounds really bad.
Soy pésima cantando, mi voz suena muy mal.
She was a well-known singer.
Fue una cantante muy conocida.
The fans were blocking the famous singer from leaving.
Las admiradoras estaban bloqueando al famoso cantante y no lo dejaron salir.
That singer has competed twice in the contest.
Ese cantante ha competido dos veces en el concurso.

You are a wonderful singer, Mrs Pleštinská.
Es usted una cantante excelente, señora Pleštinská.
A few hours ago a singer - an Iranian singer - was sentenced to five years' imprisonment for defamation of religion, and 12 Sunnis were sentenced to death.
Hace solamente unas horas un cantante, un cantante iraní, ha sido condenado a cinco años de cárcel por difamación de la religión y doce fieles suníes han sido condenados a muerte.
Lunes Matub was a singer and spokesman for Kabylia and Berber culture as well as a symbol of the Algeria which is struggling and suffering.
Este cantante, portavoz de Kabilia y de la cultura berebere, encarnaba el símbolo de una Argelia que lucha y sufre.
I remembered something I had read in a magazine: someone tried to make the most beautiful woman using an actress's eyes, a singer's nose and another actress's mouth.
Recordé algo que había leído en una revista: alguien intentó retratar la mujer más hermosa usando los ojos de una actriz, la nariz de una cantante y los labios de una actriz.
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