Spanish Word for shaving  

English Word: shaving

Spanish Word: afeitado
The Spanish Word for shaving
Now you know how to say shaving in Spanish. :-)
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Translated sentences containing 'shaving'
If we shave with the faucet open, we will use too much water in each shaving.
Si nos afeitamos con el grifo abierto gastamos mucha agua en cada afeitada.
He was shaving himself.
Él estaba afeitándose.
Are you shaving now?
¿Te afeitas ahora?
The boys are shaving the dog now.
Los muchachos están afeitando al perro ahora.

It is a mistake to think that shaving a little off the culture budget results in only slightly fewer projects.
Constituye un error pensar que dar un puñado menos a la cultura tiene como única consecuencia hacer un puñado menos de proyectos.
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