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English Word: sayings

Spanish Word: dichos
The Spanish Word for sayings
Now you know how to say sayings in Spanish. :-)
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Translated sentences containing 'sayings'
My mother knows a lot of sayings.
Mi madre sabe muchos dichos.
There are sayings in other languages as well?
¿Habrá dichos en otros idiomas también?

I believe there are sayings to this effect in every language.
In Czech we have a similar saying and I am sure there are similar sayings in other languages.
En la República Checa tenemos un dicho similar y estoy seguro de que existen dichos similares en otros idiomas.
This applies especially to their usage of it, their sayings about money and the names they call it.
Esto es especialmente cierto de las relaciones, de los modismos sobre el dinero y también de los nombres del dinero.
Mr President, Commissioner, my mother tongue is very rich in popular proverbs and sayings.
Señor Presidente, señora Comisaria, mi lengua materna es muy rica en refranes y dichos populares.
These were sayings dug out of the Socialist glory hole, and they bring us no further forward on globalisation issues.
Han sido afirmaciones desenterradas del pozo de la gloria socialista, que no nos sirven para avanzar en las cuestiones sobre la mundialización.
These sayings sum up the essential point of reforming the EU market in wine.
Lo anterior resume el motivo fundamental para reformar el mercado vitivinícola de la UE.
One of those sayings, which my mother and my grandmothers would use when some irreversible domestic accident happened, was 'why cry over spilt milk?'.
Uno de esos dichos, que mi madre y mis abuelas utilizaban cuando ocurría algún accidente casero irreversible, era "a qué llorar sobre la leche derramada".
However, Mr Galeote, from one Spaniard to another, I will define what I think of your attitude by means of two traditional sayings.
Pero mire, señor Galeote, de española a español, voy a definir lo que pienso de su actitud con dos refranes castizos.
One of President Arafat's favourite sayings summed up their mutual interests: territories in exchange for peace.
Una fórmula, que el Presidente Arafat tenía en gran estima, resumía perfectamente este interés mutuo: los Territorios a cambio de la paz.
We can put into practice the old saying 'prevention is better than cure' - this must be a day for sayings.
Aplicar la vieja y excelente máxima de «mejor prevenir que curar».
Mr President, may I remind the Commissioner that, according to one of our sayings, words and deeds are often oceans apart.
Señor Presidente, señora Comisaria, hay un refrán que dice que entre el dicho y el hecho media un océano.
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