Spanish Word for responsibility  

English Word: responsibility

Spanish Word: responsabilidad
The Spanish Word for responsibility
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Translated sentences containing 'responsibility'
Responsibility for the manufactoring of a product.
Responsabilidad por la fabricación de un producto.
No one is taking responsibility for this annoyance?
¿Ninguno se hace responsable por molestar?
My father has a job with a lot of responsibility.
Mi padre tiene un trabajo de mucha responsabilidad.

That is our own responsibility.
Ésta es nuestra responsabilidad.
All of this is our responsibility.
Todo ello es nuestra responsabilidad.
We all have a responsibility.
Todos tenemos una responsabilidad.
And that is our responsibility.
Y ésa es nuestra responsabilidad.
That is not our responsibility.
No es de nuestra incumbencia.
Who has responsibility for this?
¿De quién es la responsabilidad?
We all have responsibility for this.
Todos somos responsables.
Here, too, we have a responsibility.
También en este sentido tenemos una responsabilidad.
So this is their responsibility.
Es su responsabilidad.
It is not our responsibility.
No está esto en el ámbito de nuestra responsabilidad.
It is my responsibility and I shall exercise that responsibility.
La responsabilidad es mía y me propongo ejercerla.
That responsibility is incumbent on the EU. To each, their own responsibility.
Esa responsabilidad corresponde a la UE y cada uno tiene sus propias responsabilidades.
It is a responsibility of the present Commission: it is your responsibility.
Es responsabilidad de esta Comisión y responsabilidad suya.
It is our responsibility, not the responsibility of the Commission or the Council.
Es nuestro deber, no el de la Comisión o del Consejo.
This is a responsibility to be assumed by all – by those who bear responsibility in Ukraine, and by those who remind them what their responsibility is.
Es una responsabilidad que todos debemos asumir, quienes son responsables en Ucrania y quienes les estamos recordando cuál es su responsabilidad.
So we have an enormous responsibility here.
Por todo ello, tenemos una gran responsabilidad en este contexto.
It is our responsibility to prevent it.
Es responsabilidad nuestra evitar esto.
It is our responsibility to use them.
Tenemos la responsabilidad de utilizarlos.
I wonder who does have responsibility.
Me pregunto de quién es realmente la responsabilidad.
We have a responsibility to do this as well.
Y también en este caso tenemos que ser responsables.
That is both an opportunity and a responsibility.
Esta es una oportunidad pero al mismo tiempo una responsabilidad.
That is our duty and responsibility.
Este es nuestro deber y nuestra responsabilidad.
We have a great responsibility.
Tenemos una gran responsabilidad.
What is our responsibility as a result?
¿Cuál es, entonces, nuestra responsabilidad?
Social responsibility is what it is about.
Se trata de la responsabilidad social.
Is that the responsibility of the Council?
¿Ésa es la responsabilidad del Consejo?
We do, however, have a responsibility.
Sin embargo, tenemos una responsabilidad.
The same goes for its responsibility.
Y lo mismo se aplica a su responsabilidad.
We have a share in the responsibility for all this.
Tenemos parte de responsabilidad en todo esto.
This is a serious responsibility.
Se trata de una gran responsabilidad.
We carry some responsibility for that.
Tenemos una parte de responsabilidad al respecto.
But here again we have an important responsibility.
Pero también aquí tenemos una importante responsabilidad.
Ours is an historic responsibility.
Tenemos una responsabilidad histórica.
In this responsibility we all share.
Todos compartimos esta responsabilidad.
We have to take responsibility for that.
Debemos responsabilizarnos de ello.
What, too, about political responsibility?
¿Y además, qué pasa con la responsabilidad política?
In so doing, you evade your own responsibility.
Con ello, evade usted su responsabilidad.
That is a responsibility for the Council.
Eso es responsabilidad del Consejo.
That is our duty and our responsibility.
Es nuestro deber y nuestra responsabilidad.
This is our responsibility to our voters.
Esa es nuestra responsabilidad ante nuestros electores.
It has lived up to that responsibility ...
Ha estado a la altura de esa responsabilidad...
We have woken up to our responsibility.
Hemos decidido asumir nuestra responsabilidad.
We have a responsibility for their being able to do so.
Es nuestra responsabilidad que pueda hacerlo.
Therefore, there is a responsibility here to do so.
Por lo tanto, tenemos la responsabilidad de hacerlo.
It is not my will, nor my responsibility.
No es voluntad mía, ni mi responsabilidad.
The primary responsibility is theirs.
La responsabilidad principal es suya.
It is our responsibility to respect it.
Tenemos la responsabilidad de respetarlo.
That is our shared responsibility.
Esta es nuestra responsabilidad compartida.
You share responsibility for this!
¡Ustedes comparten esta responsabilidad!
This is both an opportunity and a responsibility.
Es una oportunidad y una responsabilidad.
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