Spanish Word for plaque  

English Word: plaque

Spanish Word: tablero
The Spanish Word for plaque
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Translated sentences containing 'plaque'
Your cavities were caused by dental plaque.
Su caries fue causada por la placa dental.
Do you have any plaque on your skin?
¿Tiene alguna placa en su piel?

Their names were arrayed on a large plaque.
Sus nombres aparecían en una gran placa.
I would therefore like to ask whether it would be possible for Parliament to have a plaque made.
Mi pregunta es si cabría la posibilidad de mandar hacer una placa conmemorativa por parte del Parlamento.
Mr Borrell, Parliament’s President, has also been officially invited to honour the deportees and to receive the plaque in their memory.
El señor Borrell, Presidente del Parlamento, también ha sido invitado oficialmente para honrar a los deportados y recibir la placa en su memoria.
There is a little plaque hanging in my office. It is a quotation from Abraham Lincoln, who was President of the United States from 1861 to 1865.
En la pared de mi despacho cuelga una pequeña placa, una cita de quien fuera Presidente de los Estados Unidos desde 1861 a 1865, Abraham Lincoln.
Each year in Skopje, the memorial plaque of the Bulgarian woman Mara Bouneva, a fighter for Macedonia's freedom, whom the French press named 'Macedonia's Charlotte Corday', is desecrated.
Todos los años en Skopie se profana la placa conmemorativa de la búlgara Mara Bouneva, defensora de la libertad de Macedonia y denominada "la Charlotte Corday de Macedonia" por la prensa francesa.
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