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Spanish Word: obediente
The Spanish Word for obedient
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Translated sentences containing 'obedient'
My son used to be obedient.
Mi hijo era obediente.

The United States does not benefit from having an obedient follower.
Los Estados Unidos no se beneficia de tener un seguidor obediente.
This concern is also not shared by our colleagues, all of them very obedient, I have to say.
Esta preocupación tampoco ha sido recogida por nuestros colegas, de todos los sectores.
But you must understand that we cannot accept being treated as the Commission' s obedient stooge.
Pero usted comprenderá que no podemos aceptar ir de comparsas más o menos dóciles de la Comisión.
Only those who are obedient and organised are accepted as necessary at the altar of the 'competitiveness' of the European monopolies.
Sσlo los obedientes y organizados serαn admitidos como necesarios al altar de la “competitividad” de los monopolios europeos.
What is less well known is that part of the European Union media has been transformed into an obedient instrument of Moscow.
Lo que no resulta tan evidente es que parte de los medios de la Unión Europea se han transformado en un obediente instrumento de Moscú.
The European Parliament has been able to keep its right of amendment on foreign policy expenditure only by promising to be good and obedient from now on.
El Parlamento Europeo sólo ha podido conservar su derecho de enmienda en relación con los gastos de política exterior prometiendo que a partir de ahora será bueno y dócil.
The stale religious prejudices against Islam reach out and transform the EU's powerful elite into obedient slaves on the American triumphal chariot.
Se multiplican los críticos religiosos enmohecidos del Islam, y convierten a la élite del poder de la UE en esclavos dóciles del carro triunfador americano.
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