Spanish Word for neighborhood  

English Word: neighborhood

Spanish Word: barrio, vecindad
The Spanish Word for neighborhood
Now you know how to say neighborhood in Spanish. :-)
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Translated sentences containing 'neighborhood'
It's for the neighborhood.
Está por el barrio.
The wind cut down several trees in my neighborhood.
El viento abatió varios árboles en mi vecindario.
Satellite TV finally arrived in the neighborhood.
Finalmente llegó la televisión vía satélite al barrio.
There is a burning ban in this neighborhood.
Existe una prohibición de quemar en este vecindario.
There's just one gas station in this neighborhood.
Sólo hay una gasolinera en este barrio.
This neighborhood has a homeowners association fee.
Esta vecindad tiene una cuota de asociación de vecinos.
The average price in this neighborhood is two hundred thousand dollars.
El precio promedio en esta vecindad es de doscientos mil dólares.
There is none in this neighborhood.
No hay ninguno en el vecindario.
This is a safe neighborhood.
Éste es un vecindario seguro.
The National Bank will open a branch in my neighborhood next month.
El Banco Nacional abrirá una sucursal en mi vecindario el mes entrante.
I live in the del valle neighborhood next to the ecological park.
Vivo en la colonia del valle, al lado del parque ecológico.
It's not easy to find parking in this neighborhood.
No es fácil buscar estacionamiento en esta zona.
Juan paid more than $200,000 for the house.
Juan pagó mas de doscientos mil dólares para la casa.
You should feel calm, this is a safe neighborhood.
Debes estar tranquila, es un barrio muy seguro.
Cocina Concha is the most popular cafe in the neighborhood.
La Cocina Concha es el café más popular del barrio.

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