Spanish Word for many  

English Word: many

Spanish Word: muchos, bastantes, varios
The Spanish Word for many
Now you know how to say many in Spanish. :-)
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Translated sentences containing 'many'
How many seats were left?
¿Cuántos asientos quedaban?
How many bedrooms do you want?
¿Cuántos dormitorios quiere?
There are many trains.
Hay muchos trenes.
How many bags am I allowed to bring with me?
¿Cuántas maletas me permiten traer conmigo?
How many children do you have?
¿Cuántos hijos tiene?
How many days have you had the cough?
¿Por cuántos días ha tenido la tos?
How many deliveries have you had?
¿Cuántos partos ha tenido?
Have you lost weight? How many pounds?
¿Ha perdido peso? ¿Cuántas libras?
How many years have you been suffering from asthma?
¿Durante cuantos años ha padecido usted de asma?
How many days was he here?
¿Cuántos días él estuvo aquí?
There were many pedestrians on the street.
Había muchos peatones en la calle.
How many blocks were you able to walk?
¿Cuántas cuadras podía caminar?
Many houses were built.
Muchas casas fueron construidas.
They have as many pens as we have.
Ellos tienen tantas plumas como nosotros.
We have as many cars as they have.
Nosotros tenemos tantos coches como ellos.
The garden has many weeds.
El jardín tiene mucha mala hierba.
There were many problems with the house.
Había muchos problemas con la casa.
How many bags do you have?
¿Cuántas maletas tiene?
For how many days?
¿Por cuántos días?
How many are you?
¿Cuántas personas son?

How many are there, and which are they?
¿Cuántos hay y cuáles son?
We have had many of those.
Ya se han celebrado muchas.
How many were scrapped? How many were sunk and so on?
¿Cuántos fueron hundidos y demás?
They are there with many, many more children, and they have all been let down.
Yacen allí con muchos niños y todos están desilusionados.
There were many discussions over many years.
Se han celebrado muchas negociaciones durante muchos años.
Many thanks for that, and many thanks to you all!
Muchas gracias por ello, muchas gracias a todos.
Many were incommunicado, many were tortured.
Muchos fueron incomunicados y otros muchos torturados.
So many victims, so many names!
¡Tantas víctimas, tantos nombres!
There are too many cuts and too many contradictions.
Hay demasiados recortes y demasiadas contradicciones.
So many challenges, so many opportunities!
¡Tantos desafíos y tantas oportunidades!
There are many more, and there are many more also from Europe.
Hay muchas más y también hay muchas más europeas.
While many employers value that, there are only too many who do not.
Hay muchos empleadores que lo valoran, pero también hay muchos que no lo hacen.
But many are intimidated by it, and many are excluded from it.
Pero muchos se sienten intimidados por ella y muchos están excluidos de ella.
How many would be decommissioned?
¿Cuántos de ellos serán retirados?
There are so many other dates.
Hay tantas otras fechas.
There are many points there.
Hay muchos puntos.
There have been many successes.
Ha habido muchos éxitos.
So many thanks for it.
Así, pues, muchas gracias.
Some of you have said that there are not so many of them.
Algunas de sus Señorías han dicho que no son tantas.
There are many reasons for this.
Existen muchos motivos para ello.
Many of them are good.
Muchas de ellas son buenas.
There are many other proposals.
Hay muchas otras propuestas.
There are many other examples.
Hay muchos más ejemplos.
We do not have many months.
No tenemos muchos meses.
After all, there are many arguments for and against it.
En el fondo, hay muchos argumentos a favor y en contra.
There are many reasons for this.
Existen muchas razones para ello.
I know many of them.
Conozco a muchos de ellos.
There are too many stakeholders.
Hay demasiadas partes interesadas.
By how many and which governments?
¿Por cuántos y por qué Gobiernos?
Very many of you are religious.
Muchos de ustedes son religiosos.
Many of them are ill.
Muchos de ellos están enfermos.
There are so many of them that I do not have time.
Son tantos que no hay tiempo.
There are many reasons for this.
Esto tiene muchas razones de ser.
There are many such questions.
Hay muchas preguntas de ese tipo.
There have been many lies here.
Aquí se han dicho muchas mentiras.
Many of them were killed.
Muchos de ellos fueron asesinados.
There are many other solutions.
Hay otras muchas soluciones.
There are many examples of this.
Existen multitud de ejemplos al respecto.
That is why we have so many checks.
Por ese motivo tenemos tantas comprobaciones.
There are many more examples.
Hay mucho más ejemplos.
Many of them we cannot solve.
Muchas no podemos solucionarlas.
There have been many reforms.
Las reformas han sido muchas.
There are many of us!
¡Somos muchos!
How many of you have done that?
¿Cuántos de ustedes han hecho eso?
There are many more such questions.
Hay muchas preguntas más.
How many cases have there been?
¿Cuántos casos ha habido?
There are many causes of this.
Esto se debe a múltiples causas.
Many more are on the way.
Y en muchos otros está en curso.
If not, then how many months before?
Si la respuesta es negativa, ¿cuántos meses antes?
There are many reasons for this.
Hay muchas razones para esto.
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