Spanish Word for look  

English Word: look (n)

Spanish Word: apariencia, aire
The Spanish Word for look (n)
Now you know how to say look in Spanish. :-)
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Translated sentences containing 'look'
Look what you have done!
¡Mira lo que has hecho!
That is what I am looking for.
Eso es lo que busco.
It didn't look very good to us.
A nosotros no nos pareció muy buena.
You should not look for the teacher. Don't look for the teacher.
No debes buscar al profesor. No busques al profesor.
They look evasive.
Se muestran evasivos.
He doesn't look like he comes from this planet.
Parecía que no fuese un ser de este planeta.
Look at this!
Miren éste.
Look at how the fish in the river swim.
Mira como nadan los peces en el río.
We don't look alike at all.
No nos parecemos en nada.
Look on page three.
Mira en la página tres.
Look for terrorist activity.
Este pendiente de actividad terrorista.
Look what I've got for you!
¡Mira lo que te traje!
Look and make sure that it's her.
Fíjate bien que sea ella.
She returns to look at him.
Lo vuelve a mirar.
They look at the map.
Ellos ven el mapa.
My sister and I look alike.
Mi hermana y yo nos parecemos.
Let's look for the nurse.
Busquemos al enfermero.
Let's look for him.
Make him look good.
Haga que se mire bonito.
Would you like to look at a used car?
¿Quisiera mirar un automóvil usado?

We should look at that.
Tenemos que ocuparnos de esa cuestión.
We have to look at what we do.
Tenemos que calibrar lo que hacemos.
Why not look at them too?
¿Por qué no contemplarlas también?
Why not look at that?
¿Por qué no pensamos en eso?
We have to look at this.
Debemos examinar este aspecto.
We ought to look at this again.
Tenemos que reflexionar sobre todo ello una vez más.
Look at Italy, look at Lampedusa.
Fíjense en Italia, en Lampedusa.
Look at Germany, look at China, look at Spain.
Miren a Alemania, miren a China, miren a España.
They look good in themselves.
Éstas, en sí, parecen buenas.
We look forward to that.
Esperamos que esto suceda así.
I shall look into this.
Estudiaremos este punto.
We shall look into this.
La verificaremos.
We must look at that.
Debemos analizar esto.
We ought to look at that point.
Deberíamos analizar esa cuestión.
I would ask her to look at them.
Quisiera pedirle que examine este extremo.
I would be very obliged if you would look into this.
Le estaría muy agradecido si pudiera entrar en ello.
We have only to look to our own experience.
Sólo tenemos que fijarnos en nuestra propia experiencia.
We shall have to look into this.
Tenemos que estudiar esta cuestión.
We need to look at that.
Eso es algo que tenemos que analizar.
We must look into that.
Eso hay que verlo.
We look forward to doing this.
Estamos a la espera de poder hacerlo.
We look on this with solidarity.
Nosotros observamos esto con un sentimiento de solidaridad.
I look forward to more.
Espero que asista a muchas más.
We need to look at this.
Tenemos que estudiar este asunto.
We shall look into it.
Lo examinaremos.
I think they should look at this again.
Creo que deberían meditarlo otra vez.
Will you look at this again?
¿Considerará esto una vez más?
I look forward to his doing so.
Espero que lo haga.
We have to look at this very carefully.
Es preciso abordar esta cuestión con sumo cuidado.
Can we not look at all this?
¿No podemos revisar todo esto?
We have to look to the future.
Hemos de mirar adelante.
So maybe you should look at that.
Así que quizá debiera revisarse ese aspecto.
We will look into it.
Estudiaremos la cuestión.
On the other hand, we should look at ourselves.
Por otro lado, debemos fijarnos en nosotros mismos.
We must look at that.
Tenemos que considerar eso.
I look forward to it.
Ojalá lo podamos hacer.
We have to look again at modulation.
Tenemos que analizar nuevamente la modulación.
We shall look into that further.
Examinaremos esta cuestión más a fondo.
To look the other way.
Mirar hacia otro lado.
We will look into it.
Lo estudiaremos.
We look forward to that.
Los espero con ansiedad.
Look, there is a paradox here.
Pues bien, en este asunto hay algo paradójico.
You have to look at where the perimeter would be.
Usted debe considerar dónde estarían los límites.
I do not look on this as a race.
No me lo planteo como una carrera.
We will have to look into it.
Tendremos que estudiarlo.
But we need to look further.
Pero tenemos que seguir analizando.
But look at what Tunisia did.
Pero fíjense en lo que hizo Túnez.
We should look at that seriously.
Debemos abordar esto de manera seria.
We need to look at that.
Tenemos que considerar eso.
And look at our tradespeople.
Y observen a nuestros comerciantes.
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