Spanish Word for lawsuit  

English Word: lawsuit

Spanish Word: pleito, proceso
The Spanish Word for lawsuit
Now you know how to say lawsuit in Spanish. :-)
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Translated sentences containing 'lawsuit'
She puts a lawsuit against the company.
Ella pone una demanda en contra de la empresa.

The victim’s family, however, has filed a lawsuit against the American soldiers involved.
No obstante, la familia de la víctima ha entablado una acción ante la justicia contra los soldados estadounidenses implicados.
Ten Member States joined this lawsuit between January and April 2001.
Diez Estados miembros se unieron a esta acción legal entre enero y abril de 2001.
It will be a Freudian slip of mine if we appear with our lawsuit before you at the Court of Justice in Luxembourg.
Será una equivocación freudiana por mi parte cuando lleguemos con nuestro juicio a su Tribunal de Justicia en Luxemburgo.
Apparently, 10% will go to the Commission, while the ten Member States that joined the lawsuit will receive 90%.
Parece ser que el 10 % irá destinado a la Comisión, mientras que los diez Estados miembros que se unieron a la acción legal recibirán el 90 %.
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