Spanish Word for indigestion  

English Word: indigestion

Spanish Word: indigestión
The Spanish Word for indigestion
Now you know how to say indigestion in Spanish. :-)
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Translated sentences containing 'indigestion'
I have a stomach ache. I think I have indigestion.
Me duele la tripa. Creo que tengo una indigestión.

I do not wish to run the risk of indigestion before lunch today.
No quiero exponerme a una indigestión antes del almuerzo de hoy.
I will conclude by summing up that sugar reform is necessary, but not if it is sweet for major producers while leaving poor farmers with indigestion.
Concluiré resumiendo que la reforma del azúcar es necesaria, pero no si sienta bien a los grandes productores e indigesta a los agricultores pobres.
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