Spanish Word for immediately  

English Word: immediately

Spanish Word: inmediatamente, ahora
The Spanish Word for immediately
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Translated sentences containing 'immediately'
The bad service will be corrected immediately.
El mal servicio será corregido inmediatamente.
If the client accepts the project, the contracts would be signed immediately.
De aceptar el proyecto el cliente, empezarán ustedes el trabajo hoy mismo.
I will put the chicken on the grill immediately.
Yo pondré el pollo en la parilla inmediatamente.
Did you all go to sleep immediately after going to bed?
¿Se durmieron Uds. immediatamente después de acostarse?
We recognized each other immediately.
Nos reconocimos inmediatamente.
Because he wasn´t aided immediately, they couldn´t do anything and he died.
Al no haber sido socorrido de inmediato, nada pudieron hacer y murió.
If he were offered a post as a sales engineer, he would accept immediately.
Si le propusieran un puesto de técnico comercial, lo aceptaría inmediatamente.
We recognized each other immediately.
Nos reconocimos de inmediato.
If you bring it to us, we will fix it immediately.
Si usted nos lo trae, lo arreglaremos inmediatamente.
If you send it to us, we will fix it immediately.
Si usted nos lo manda, lo arreglaremos inmediatamente.
We will make the correction immediately.
Nosotros haremos la corrección inmediatamente.
We fell immediately in love with this house.
Esta casa nos enamoró inmediatamente.
When I lie, I'm discovered immediately after.
Cuando yo miento me descubren en seguida.
Teresa canceled the trip immediately.
Teresa canceló el viaje inmediatamente.
Get off that table immediately!
¡Bájate de esa mesa inmediatamente!
Leave here immediately!
¡Salgan ustedes de aquí inmediatamente!
I will connect you with a help desk representative immediately.
Voy a transferirlo inmediatamente con un representante de soporte técnico.

It should do so immediately.
Tiene que hacerlo inmediatamente.
It cannot do so immediately.
No puede hacerlo inmediatamente.
We can do this immediately.
Se puede hacer inmediatamente.
He should be released immediately.
Hay que ponerlo en libertad inmediatamente.
I was there immediately after the accident.
Yo estuve allí inmediatamente después del accidente.
   – And so you shall, but not immediately.
   – Y así será, aunque no inmediatamente.
They should be released immediately.
Deberían ponerlas en libertad inmediatamente.
That could be done immediately.
Esta opción podría abordarse de inmediato.
We have to act and we have to do so immediately.
Tenemos que actuar y hacerlo de inmediato.
That is true, but not immediately.
Eso es cierto, pero no inmediatamente.
These are the steps which must be taken immediately, and I mean 'immediately':
Estos son los pasos que han de darse inmediatamente, y subrayo "inmediatamente":
So what do we need to happen immediately?
¿Qué necesitamos de inmediato?
It ought not, therefore, to be immediately interpreted as a ban.
Por eso, no debe interpretarse inmediatamente como una prohibición.
I propose that we start the debate immediately.
Propongo a Sus Señorías que iniciemos el debate sin más tardar.
It can be done immediately before the vote.
Puede hacerse inmediatamente antes de la votación.
He must be released immediately.
¡Tiene que ser liberado de inmediato!
I think it would not be right to vote on it immediately.
Pienso que no es oportuno votar inmediatamente.
That is my understanding: there will be a resolution, but not immediately.
Esto es lo que me consta: habrá una resolución, pero no inmediatamente.
Of course, we shall see to it immediately.
Así que vamos a proceder a ello ahora mismo.
Tobacco is immediately addictive, alcohol is not.
El tabaco causa dependencia de forma inmediata; el alcohol, no.
I was here, and I spoke immediately afterwards.
Estaba aquí, e intervine inmediatamente después.
Will we have success immediately?
¿Podremos lograr éxito inmediatamente?
The killing must end immediately.
Hay que dejar de matar inmediatamente.
They are ready to start work again immediately.
Están listos para empezar a trabajar de inmediato.
If it is not accurately reported, then you should immediately correct it.
Si no han reproducido correctamente sus palabras, debería usted corregirlo de inmediato.
The occupation must end immediately.
I immediately demanded that the facts be published.
Inmediatamente pedí que se publicaran los hechos.
We insist they be returned immediately.
Insistimos en que se devuelvan inmediatamente.
I think it ought to have packed its bags immediately.
Creo que debería haber hecho las maletas de inmediato.
How does the Commission interpret the word 'immediately'?
¿Cómo interpreta la Comisión la palabra ?
The Commission would immediately pronounce a ban.
La Comisión pronunciaría de inmediato una prohibición.
When that happened, all Concordes were grounded immediately.
Cuando eso ocurrió, todos los aviones Concorde tuvieron que permanecer en tierra.
At the same time, we should act immediately.
Al mismo tiempo, deberíamos actuar de inmediato.
She needs and we call for her to be released immediately.
Debe ser liberada de inmediato y pedimos su liberación sin demora.
This is unacceptable and the proceedings should be dropped immediately.
Esto es inaceptable y los procedimientos deberían cancelarse inmediatamente.
He was therefore immediately imprisoned.
Por ello fue encarcelado inmediatamente.
We need to react immediately.
Tenemos que responder de manera inmediata.
The EU should stop these payments immediately.
La Unión Europea debería interrumpir estos pagos de inmediato.
Any imbalance would immediately cause an outcry.
Cualquier desequilibrio provocaría inmediatamente una protesta.
Europe does not always succeed immediately.
Europa no siempre triunfa inmediatamente.
Wherever I could, I acted immediately to quash it.
Siempre que he podido, lo he desmentido inmediatamente.
They should be set free immediately.
Deben ser liberados inmediatamente.
The EU dealt with this matter immediately.
La UE ha tratado este asunto de manera inmediata.
Moreover, we are prepared to start immediately.
Es más, estamos preparados para comenzar de inmediato.
We must face this challenge immediately.
Debemos enfrentarnos a este desafío de inmediato.
And what do we read immediately afterwards?
¿Y qué leemos inmediatamente después?
The centre must be reopened immediately.
El centro debe volver a abrirse inmediatamente.
This brings the European Union in immediately.
Esto engloba a la Unión Europea.
I am giving him the floor immediately.
Le cedo la palabra de inmediato.
It is just that I did not react immediately.
Solo es que no reaccioné inmediatamente.
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