Spanish Word for hope  

English Word: hope

Spanish Word: esperar
The Spanish Word for hope
Now you know how to say hope in Spanish. :-)
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Translated sentences containing 'hope'
I hope that you like the music.
Yo espero que a ti te guste la música.
I hope that John likes the music.
Yo espero que a Juan le guste la música.
I hope that you have done the homework.
Yo espero que tú hayas hecho la tarea.
I hope that Mary gives me the money.
Yo espero que María me dé el dinero.
I hope that Mary can give it to me.
Yo espero que María me lo pueda dar.
I hope that John hasn't broken the window.
Yo espero que Juan no haya roto la ventana.
I hope that the boys haven't broken it.
Yo espero que los muchachos no la hayan roto.
I hope that John brings the tickets.
Yo espero que Juan traiga los boletos.
I hope that the drug store has the medicine.
Yo espero que la farmacia tenga la medicina.
I hope that John brings them.
Yo espero que Juan los traiga.
I hope that Mary has done her homework.
Espero que María haya hecho sus tareas.
I hope that the boys bring them.
Yo espero que los muchachos los traigan.
I hope that the paintings interest the students.
Yo espero que a los alumnos les interesen las pinturas.
I hope that you can study with me.
Yo espero que tú puedas estudiar conmigo.
I hope that you have given it to her.
Yo espero que tú se lo hayas dado.
I hope you had fun.
Espero que te hayas divertido.
Hope you have time!
¡Ojalá tengas tiempo!
I hope that they have given it to her.
Yo espero que se lo hayan dado.
I hope that John brings the suitcases.
Yo espero que Juan traiga las maletas.
I hope that Mary has learned the words.
Yo espero que María haya aprendido las palabras.

And that was my hope.
Y esa era mi esperanza.
That is why there is hope.
Por ello, no hay que perder la esperanza.
I hope that is so.
Confío en que así sea.
I hope we do not.
¡Ojalá que no!
There is no hope any more.
Ya no hay esperanza.
I hope that you do.
Espero que lo haga.
I hope that this is so.
Espero que esta se cumpla.
We hope that there is.
Esperamos que la haya.
I hope that she does.
Espero que la acepte.
We have some hope, but no more than that!
Hay una esperanza, pero, ¡no más!
Hope for peace, hope for fraternity, hope for progress.
Una esperanza de paz, una esperanza de fraternidad, una esperanza de progreso.
I hope that it works out.
Espero que resulte bien.
I hope for their adoption.
Espero que las aprueben.
I hope that this is a misunderstanding.
¡Espero que se trate de un malentendido!
I hope you enjoy it.
Espero que lo disfruten.
I hope that it does just that!
¡Espero que lo haga!
We hope that you succeed.
Esperamos que lo consiga.
I hope that is appreciated.
Espero que se agradezca.
I hope that does not happen.
Espero que no sea así.
I would very much hope we could do that.
Deseo fervientemente que podamos lograrlo.
I hope that was not true.
Espero que no fuese cierto.
At any rate, we hope so.
Así lo esperamos, en todo caso.
That is what we hope for from the Council and from you.
Eso es lo que esperamos del Consejo y de usted.
I hope that it does not happen again.
Espero que no vuelva a ocurrir.
I hope that we succeed.
Espero que nos vaya bien.
I hope that you would not want that!
Y creo que esto no es lo que desea.
I hope that it is on its way.
Espero que la información esté en camino.
I hope that I have succeeded in this.
Espero haberlo conseguido.
At any rate, that is my hope.
I hope it is successful.
Espero que tengamos éxito.
Neither have you, I hope.
Espero que usted tampoco.
We say and we hope that it did.
Nosotros decimos que sí, y tenemos esperanzas en que así sea.
I hope we can do that.
Confío en que seamos capaces de hacerlo de esa forma.
That is our most fervent hope.
Ésta es nuestra ferviente esperanza.
I hope you are in agreement.
Espero que sus Señorías convengan al respecto.
I hope there are no objections to this.
Espero que no haya ninguna objeción.
I am sure we would and I hope we would.
Estoy seguro de que habría sido así y espero que así sea.
I hope I am wrong.
Espero estar equivocado.
I sincerely hope that is so.
Espero sinceramente que así sea.
I hope there has not been a misunderstanding.
Espero que no se haya producido ningún malentendido.
I hope that it can.
Espero que así sea.
I hope this is not a presage.
Espero que esto no sea un presagio.
I hope he will do more.
Espero que hará más.
It is their only ray of hope.
Es su único rayo de esperanza.
I hope they go through.
Espero que se aprueben.
I have hope, and that is everything.
Tengo esperanza, y eso lo es todo.
I hope there will be more of them than that.
Espero que haya incluso más.
I hope that this is the beginning.
Espero que esto sea el principio.
This is my sincere hope.
Éste es mi sincero deseo.
I hope that they have been of some use.
Espero que hayan tenido cierta utilidad.
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