Spanish Word for gynecologist  

English Word: gynecologist

Spanish Word: ginecólogo
The Spanish Word for gynecologist
Now you know how to say gynecologist in Spanish. :-)
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Translated sentences containing 'gynecologist'
The gynecologist is telling the lady about her uterus problem.
El ginecólogo está diciendo a la señora los problemas que tiene en el útero.
The gynecologist thinks that the cesarean will last an hour.
El ginecólogo estima que la cesárea durará una hora.
The gynecologist examines Lucía.
El ginecólogo examina a Lucía.
We recognize the gynecologist from yesterday.
Nosotros reconocemos al ginecólogo de ayer.
Being a gynecologist entails many responsibilities.
Ser ginecólogo conlleva muchas responsabilidades.
María thanks the gynecologist
María agradece al ginecólogo.

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