Spanish Word for difficulty  

English Word: difficulty

Spanish Word: dificultad, inconveniente
The Spanish Word for difficulty
Now you know how to say difficulty in Spanish. :-)
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Translated sentences containing 'difficulty'
Have you had difficulty in articulating words.
¿Ha tenido problemas para pronunciar las palabras claramente?
Yes, I got them off without difficulty.
Sí, las saqué sin dificultad.
I realize the difficulty.
Me doy cuenta de la dificultad.
Do you have difficulty when speaking?
¿Tiene dificultad al hablar?
with great difficulty
Con gran esfuerzo
I have difficulty swallowing and breathing.
Tengo dificultades para tragar y respirar.
Can you walk without difficulty?
¿Puede caminar sin dificultad?

It is in some difficulty.
Atraviesa dificultades.
That is the difficulty that we are in.
Esta es la dificultad que tenemos.
The difficulty is that we are not.
El problema es que no es así.
That is not our difficulty.
No es este nuestro problema.
I have no difficulty with it.
No me plantea ningún problema.
That would overcome all the difficulty.
De este modo desaparece todo el problema.
This is where the difficulty lies.
Aquí es dónde nos aprieta el zapato.
Do they do so because of a genuine difficulty at all?
¿Lo hacen porque haya alguna dificultad real?
This is not the real difficulty.
Esta no es la verdadera dificultad.
I believe that there is no difficulty here.
Creo que aquí no hay ninguna dificultad.
Where, however, is the difficulty?
Sin embargo, ¿dónde radica la dificultad?
I have no difficulty with the other two.
No tengo ninguna dificultad con los otros dos.
We have no difficulty in accepting that.
No tenemos dificultad en aceptarlo.
I was having difficulty with the lifts.
He tenido algunos problemas con el ascensor.
That has not been a great difficulty.
Eso no ha supuesto un gran problema.
I do not think there would be any difficulty.
Yo no veo que haya dificultad.
And now we are in some difficulty.
Y ahora nos encontramos en dificultades.
That is a great difficulty.
Es una gran dificultad.
But the difficulty we had was as follows.
Pero nuestro problema era el siguiente.
I do not see any difficulty with that.
No veo ningún impedimento para ello.
That is where we really get into difficulty.
Entonces es cuando encontramos en verdad dificultades.
That is the real difficulty which we must overcome.
Esta es la verdadera dificultad que debemos superar.
Colleagues, I recognise there is a difficulty.
Colegas, reconozco que existen dificultades.
We have difficulty with four amendments.
Nos resulta difícil aceptar cuatro enmiendas.
We have had difficulty in reconciling the texts.
Hemos tenido algunas dificultades para coordinar los textos.
You put me in some difficulty, Mr Florenz.
Me pone en una situación difícil, señor Florenz.
This company is also in serious difficulty.
Esa empresa se halla también en una situación muy difícil.
They can be consulted without difficulty.
Pueden ser consultados sin dificultad.
With which individual demands is the Council having difficulty?
¿Qué peticiones concretas resultan problemáticas para el Consejo?
Colleagues, we appear to have a difficulty.
Colegas, parece que tenemos una dificultad.
The difficulty of this task should not be underestimated.
No debemos subestimar la dificultad de esta empresa.
It was with great difficulty that I voted for the report.
He votado a favor, pero me ha sido muy difícil.
I know the Commission has difficulty with that.
Sé que la Comisión tiene cierta dificultad al respecto.
I succeeded, with some difficulty, in unearthing it.
Logré, aunque con dificultad, sacarlo a la luz.
That is the difficulty that faces the industry.
Esta es la dificultad a la que se enfrenta la industria.
I believe Parliament should have no difficulty in approving them.
The Commission learns with difficulty.
La Comisión aprende con dificultad.
It is unacceptable for citizens to get into difficulty over there.
Resulta inaceptable que nuestros ciudadanos tengan problemas en ese país.
That is where we see that there is a difficulty reaching decisions.
Aquí es donde nos cuesta tomar decisiones.
Our difficulty is simply that we do not know what the proposals are.
El único problema que tenemos es que no sabemos cuáles son.
The difficulty lies in quantifying the improvement.
El problema está en cifrar la mejora.
I personally have had some difficulty with this debate.
Yo, personalmente, he tenido algunas dificultades con este debate.
I have some difficulty with the issue of the rule of law.
Tengo algunas reticencias respecto a la cuestión del Estado de derecho.
I do not see any great difficulty about that.
No veo ninguna dificultad especial en eso.
I am here to present a decision, and it is one with which we have had difficulty.
Hoy me corresponde exponer una decisión que nos ha costado adoptar.
The difficulty is not in adopting this proposal but in implementing it.
La dificultad no estriba en la adopción de la presente propuesta, sino en su aplicación.
We have no difficulty in accepting this request.
No tenemos ningún problema en aceptar esta petición.
If there has been any difficulty, in no way has it been caused by them.
Si ha habido alguna dificultad, no ha sido en ningún caso planteada por ellos.
The Commission has difficulty with Amendment 32.
La Comisión tiene dificultades con la enmienda 32.
I well understand his difficulty.
Y entiendo su dificultad.
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