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Spanish Word: chocolates
The Spanish Word for chocolates
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Translated sentences containing 'chocolates'
César has eaten only chocolates during the day.
César no ha comido más que chocolates durante el día.
Did you open the box of chocolates?
¿Abriste la caja de chocolates?
The men smoke some cigarettes while the children eat some chocolates.
Los hombres fuman unos cigarillos mientras que los niños comen unos chocolates.
I bought some chocolates for Paulo.
Compré unos chocolates para Paulo.
Did Juan not want to give you chocolates?
¿No te quiso dar chocolates Juan?

She wants us to have a foolproof method in terms of the measurement of chocolates which has never been thought of before.
Quiere que tengamos un método infalible para medir los chocolates que no se había concebido antes.
It is almost as if the project was a wonderful, beautifully-wrapped box of chocolates, but inside was absolutely packed with worms.
Es como si el proyecto fuera una maravillosa caja de bombones con un bonito envoltorio, pero absolutamente plagada de gusanos en el interior.
The Commission thus chooses to make the exception into the rule, to the detriment of traditional chocolates and the information of consumers.
La Comisión, por tanto, ha optado por convertir la excepción en la regla, en detrimento de los chocolates tradicionales y de la información de los consumidores.
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