Spanish Word for bonnet  

English Word: bonnet

Spanish Word: capot, capota
The Spanish Word for bonnet
Now you know how to say bonnet in Spanish. :-)
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Translated sentences containing 'bonnet'
For seeing the motor you have to lift the car bonnet
Para ver el motor tienes que levantar la tapa del capot del coche

This means that the production and trade of parts such as bonnet lids, doors, bumpers and mudguards is not unrestricted.
Eso significa que la producción y la venta de piezas como capós, puertas, parachoques y guardabarros, no están sujetas a restricciones.
Now, we learn that even the International Criminal Court is considered by the United States to be just another tiresome bee in the European bonnet.
Ahora hemos sabido que los Estados Unidos consideran la Corte Penal Internacional sólo como otro fastidioso empeño europeo.
Another successful method of ensuring the safety of pedestrians is through an active vehicle bonnet, which has been installed in the C6.
Otro método válido para mejorar la seguridad de los peatones es un capó activo, que se ha instalado en el C6.
Thanks to an impact detection sensor and a detonating mechanism, the bonnet rises by 65 millimetres in 0.40 seconds.
Gracias a un sensor de detección del impacto y a un mecanismo pirotécnico, el capó se eleva 65 mm en 0,40 segundos.
A separate mechanism keeps the bonnet in a raised position despite the force of the impact, thus absorbing the energy created.
Un mecanismo independiente mantiene el capó levantado a pesar de la fuerza del impacto, para que así absorba la energía generada.
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