Spanish Word for banquet  

English Word: banquet

Spanish Word: banquete
The Spanish Word for banquet
Now you know how to say banquet in Spanish. :-)
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Translated sentences containing 'banquet'
There were a lot of guests at the banquet.
Hubo muchos invitados en el banquete.
Two invitations for the banquet were left over. They're on that table over there.
Sobraron dos invitaciones para el banquete. Están en aquella mesa.
Two invitations for the banquet were left over. I sent one to Mr. Pérez and the other one to Gen. Rivera.
Sobraban dos invitaciones para el banquete. Le mandé una al Ing. Pérez y la otra al Gral. Rivera.

At the banquet of humanity, there is not enough room for all of the generations.
En el banquete de la humanidad no hay suficiente sitio para todas las generaciones.
The EU’s research policy should be limited to areas such as these, in accordance with the principle of subsidiarity that is fêted in banquet speeches and draft constitutions.
La política de investigación de la UE debe limitarse a ámbitos como estos, de acuerdo con el principio de subsidiariedad que tanto se invoca en discursos de banquetes y proyectos de constituciones.
I, myself, would like to suggest to the Commissioner and Mr Barroso that they organise a huge banquet in Portugal and serve lamb's milk cheese and Samos wine.
Yo mismo querría sugerir al Comisario y al Sr. Barroso que organizaran un enorme banquete en Portugal y sirvieran queso de leche de oveja y vino de Samos.
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