Spanish Word for absolutely  

English Word: absolutely

Spanish Word: absolutamente
The Spanish Word for absolutely
Now you know how to say absolutely in Spanish. :-)
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Translated sentences containing 'absolutely'
They are absolutely exhausted.
Ellos caen de cansancio.

It is absolutely not on!
No está en absoluto bien.
There is absolutely no problem with that.
No hay absolutamente ningún problema con eso.
It is absolutely not worth it.
Es absolutamente falso.
We agree absolutely with this.
Estamos absolutamente de acuerdo en ello.
Absolutely all of them know it.
Lo saben absolutamente todos.
Absolutely not, in most cases.
En la mayoría de los casos, en absoluto.
There is absolutely no leeway on this.
No va a haber ninguna permisividad al respecto.
That was absolutely spot on.
Esto era dar en el clavo.
There is absolutely no reason for them not to do so.
No hay razón alguna para que no lo hagan.
There is absolutely no argument here.
Esto está fuera de toda discusión.
Of that I am absolutely convinced.
Estoy plenamente convencido de ello.
On that we are absolutely agreed.
En todo eso estamos totalmente de acuerdo.
On that we are absolutely agreed.
En todo eso estamos totalmente de acuerdo.
He had absolutely nothing to do with that.
Pero él no tuvo nada que ver con eso.
   You are absolutely right.
   Tiene usted toda la razón.
There is absolutely no security there.
Allí no existe ningún tipo de seguridad.
For me, that is absolutely essential.
En mi opinión, eso es absolutamente esencial.
That is absolutely not the case.
No es eso en absoluto.
I have absolutely no faith in that at all.
No creo absolutamente en todo esto
There is absolutely no question about that.
Eso es indudable.
There is absolutely no ambiguity there.
No hay la menor ambigüedad.
I absolutely disagree with it.
Estoy completamente en desacuerdo con la misma.
You are absolutely on the ball.
Está usted en todo, señor Martin.
So that is absolutely clear.
De manera que eso está clarísimo.
That was absolutely not what was intended.
Eso no era en absoluto lo que se pretendía.
I absolutely agree with that.
Estoy del todo de acuerdo con ello.
I had absolutely no idea what it was.
Yo no tenía ni idea de qué era la nanotecnología.
I am absolutely delighted about this.
Estoy encantadísima.
My view is that we absolutely should.
Mi punto de vista es que, sin duda, deberíamos tenerlos.
And he was absolutely right.
Y tenía toda la razón.
He is absolutely right too.
Tiene toda la razón.
But I agree absolutely: there is more that we should be doing on that.
Pero estoy totalmente de acuerdo: deberíamos hacer más.
There is absolutely no doubt about that.
No cabe la menor duda de eso.
This is an absolutely travesty.
Esto es una auténtica farsa.
There is absolutely no excuse for this.
No existe ningún tipo de excusa para estos hechos.
All of this is absolutely critical.
Todo esto es muy importante.
Is it a referendum? Absolutely not.
¿Es un referendo?
There is absolutely nothing there.
Allí no hay absolutamente nada.
This is absolutely not about protectionism.
No se trata en absoluto de proteccionismo.
There is absolutely no justification for doing this.
No existe ningún motivo en absoluto para ello.
And we'd be absolutely right!
¡Desde luego que no, y tendríamos razón!
That absolutely cannot be the intention.
Ésa no puede ser de ningún modo la intención.
I agree with him absolutely.
Estoy absolutamente de acuerdo con él en este aspecto.
It is absolutely necessary that we do this.
Es absolutamente necesario que lo hagamos.
There is absolutely no problem with this.
Esto no plantea absolutamente ningún problema.
That was absolutely right then, it is absolutely right now.
Tenía tanta razón entonces como la sigue teniendo ahora.
I agree, absolutely. We shall do so.
Estoy totalmente de acuerdo y así lo haremos.
Absolutely, Mr Napolitano. Thank you.
Totalmente de acuerdo, señor Napolitano, le doy las gracias.
The smell is absolutely disgusting!
Ese olor es verdaderamente molesto.
It is better to do it absolutely properly.
Mejor es hacerlo de forma absolutamente idónea.
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