Spanish Word for able  

English Word: able

Spanish Word: apto, capaz, susceptible
The Spanish Word for able
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Translated sentences containing 'able'
I was hoping that we would be able to do the homework this afternoon.
Esperaba que pudiéramos hacer la tarea esta tarde.
I was hoping that you would be able to give it to him yesterday.
Yo esperaba que se lo pudieras dar ayer.
He hasn't been able to eat.
No ha podido comer.
Do you think that you are going to be able to go with me?
¿Crees que tú vas a poder ir conmigo?
Nobody was able to help us. Nobody could help us.
Nadie nos pudo ayudar. Nadie pudo ayudarnos.
You can not come.
No pueden venir. No pueden ustedes venir.
Were you able to change the tire?
¿Pudiste cambiar la llanta?
How many blocks were you able to walk?
¿Cuántas cuadras podía caminar?
Were you able to take off the other nuts?
¿Pudiste sacar las otras tuercas?
I was hoping that the boys would be able to bring them.
Yo esperaba que los muchachos los pudieran traer.
Since she doesn't want to do it, she won't be able to do it.
Puesto que no quiere hacerlo tampoco va a poderlo.
Were you able to do your homework this afternoon?
¿Pudiste hacer tus tareas esta tarde?
You could go to the zoo if there were time.
Tú podrías ir al jardín zoológico si hay tiempo.
Were you able to go to the store yesterday?
¿Pudiste ir a la tienda ayer?
You would have been able to go to the zoo if there had been time.
Tú habrías podido ir al jardín zoológico si hubiera habido tiempo.
You have been able to see it.
Habeís podido verlo.
They haven't been able to reach an agreement.
Ellos no han conseguido ponerse de acuerdo.
Have you all been able to help her?
¿La han podido ayudar ustedes?
Were you all able to help her?
¿La pudieron ayudar ustedes?
I haven't been able to see them.
No ha podido verlos.

They were not able to before.
Antes no era así en absoluto.
I was not able to do that.
No pude hacerlo.
How were they able to do that?
¿Cómo pudieron hacer eso?
Are we able to do it?
¿Somos capaces de hacerlo?
It has not been able to do so.
No ha podido hacerlo.
We should be able to do more and I hope we will be able to do so.
Deberíamos se capaces de hacer más, y espero que seremos capaces de hacerlo.
I believe we are able to do that.
Creo que somos capaces de hacerlo.
Characteristically, I am not able to do that.
Como es habitual, no puedo hacerlo.
We do not want to do that, nor are we able to.
No queremos hacer esto, ni podemos.
This time, again, we were not able to.
En esta ocasión, una vez más, no lo hemos podido hacer.
I am glad that we have been able to do this.
Me complace que hayamos conseguido esto.
We are alone in being able to do this.
Solo nosotros podemos hacerlo.
This is not something they have been able to do.
Esto no han sido capaces de hacerlo.
We have a responsibility for their being able to do so.
Es nuestra responsabilidad que pueda hacerlo.
We should be able to say so.
Así debemos reconocerlo.
We have not been able to maintain it.
No lo hemos podido mantener.
Will we be able to do this?
¿Seremos capaces de hacerlo?
We used to be able to do this.
La usamos para poder hacerlo.
They are simply not able to.
Simplemente, no pueden.
We have to be able to respond.
Debemos ser capaces de ofrecer una respuesta.
We have always been able to do that.
Siempre hemos sido capaces de hacerlo.
Was it able to help them at all?
¿Ha sido capaz de darles alguna ayuda?
That is what I am able to say.
Eso es todo lo que puedo decir.
We ought to be able to do better than this.
Debemos ser capaces de hacerlo mejor.
We are able to offer you that.
Podemos ofrecerle eso.
Of course they do, and they are able to do so.
Lo son, en efecto, y lo pueden ser también.
For some reason, it was not able to.
No se ha tenido ocasión de hacerlo.
We are able to plan for this and we should do so.
Estamos en condiciones de planificar todo esto y hemos de hacerlo.
Who will be able to do this?
¿Quién podrá llevarlo a cabo?
I am delighted to be able to be able to set out the Commission's position on the report.
Estoy encantado de poder exponer la opinión de la Comisión sobre este informe.
Without them we would not be able to function.
Sin ellos no podríamos funcionar.
We are able but the rest of the female population is not?
¿Nosotras somos las capaces y el resto de las mujeres son incapaces?
We are therefore able to accept these amendments.
Por estos motivos, aprobamos estas enmiendas.
We are therefore able to approve these amendments, too.
Por eso damos nuestra aprobación a estas enmiendas.
The Commission is able to support this amendment, too.
La Comisión también puede respaldar esta enmienda.
Roma need to be able to stand up for themselves more.
Los romaníes deben poder defenderse más por sí mismos.
Money should not be able to disappear as has been the case.
No debemos permitir que desaparezcan unos fondos como ha sucedido.
The Commission is able to accept 18 of them.
La Comisión puede aceptar 18.
We should be able to crack this one.
Debiéramos ser capaces de zanjar esto.
They have been able to do this without subsidies from the EU.
Esto se ha podido realizar sin subvenciones de la UE.
Would the Commission be able to answer that?
¿La Comisión podría detallar algo al respecto?
And the Chinese must be able to speak out.
Y los chinos pueden hablar.
This was a topic which we were able to focus on this morning.
Este ha sido un tema del que nos hemos ocupado esta mañana de un modo especial.
Not only railway undertakings, others too should be able to do this.
No sólo las compañías ferroviarias; otros también deben poder hacerlo.
We have been able to do it in a fashion which we are quite happy with.
Hemos podido hacerlo de un modo que nos satisface bastante.
It is about being able to compete with other superpowers.
Tiene que ver con competir con otras superpotencias.
That is the information I am able to supply on this subject.
Esta es la información que puedo darles acerca de este asunto.
So there is no question of our being able to opt for intermodality.
Es evidente, pues, que no tenemos opción.
That is a matter we are well able to decide for ourselves.
Es un tema que podemos decidir por nosotros mismos sin problemas.
They must be able to contribute freely.
Deben poder aportar su grano de arena en toda libertad.
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