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Spanish Word: zipizape

English Translation: fray, ruction

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  rejilla - grid
  descenso - descent
  botón inteligente - smart-icon
  ordenada - ordinate
  potencia - achievement, yield
  teta - teat, tit
  control - checking, checkup, control, inspection
  corrupción - corruption, vitiation
  parienta - kinswoman
  acreditado - esteemed, respected
  casucha - jeryhouse, ramshackle hut, slum
  hidropesía - dropsy
  caldo - bouillon
  sabelotodo - smart ass
  mona - handsomely
  previamente - previously
  madreselva - honeysuckle
  magnificencia - magnificence
  incoherente - incoherent, inconsistent
  adecuadamente - adequately

Popular Phrase: learning spanish | Learn Spanish for Free | Conjugated Verb: picar - to prick, puncture, perforate; to sting, bite [said of an insect or snake]; to peck (at); to itch, sting [ click for full conjugation ]