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Spanish Word: validez

English Translation: validity, validness

More Spanish -> English Translations
  quizá - perhaps
  oscuridad - blackness, darkness, gloom, obscurity
  insulto - insult (n)
  remolino - cowlick, whirlpool
  junco - cane, reed
  clemente - mild
  concepción - conception
  sensibilidad - response, touchiness
  evacuado - evacuee
  bañador - trunk (auto)
  asiento - chair, seat
  pa o - canvas, cloth
  mareado - dizzy
  vomito - regurgitate, regurgitation
  dar brillo - buff
  cerillas - matches
  misterioso - mysterious, uncanny
  renovador - redecorating
  expedidor - dispatcher, shipper
  misiva - epistle

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