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Spanish Word: vale

English Translation: agreed, okay

Translated sentences containing 'vale'
Estas manzanas son muy nuevas, vale más la pena esperar unas semanas antes de comprar manzanas.
These apples are very unripe, it's better to wait a few weeks before buying apples.
Vale. Siendo así, voy con vosotros.
Sure. If it's this way, I am going with you guys.
Más vale que nosotros vayamos al museo mañana.
It's best that we go to the museum tomorrow.
La casa vale cien mil dólares.
The house is worth $100,000.
La otra casa vale doscientos treinta y siete mil dólares.
The other house is worth $237,000.
No me vale.
It is not good enough.
No vale.
I do not think that this is good enough.
Hoy, eso ya no vale.
That is no longer the case today.
No vale ser tan aprovechado.
You cannot make things so easy for yourself.
¿Cuánto vale Europa?
How much is Europe worth?
No vale esgrimir ninguna excusa.
We cannot come up with excuses.
Vale la pena aprovecharlos.
It is worth benefiting from them.
¡Pero no, a mí esto no me vale!
No, that will not do for me!
No vale la pena.
It is not a serious way of doing things.
No vale sólo crear empleo.
It is not enough just to create jobs.
Más vale prevenir que lamentar.
It is better to anticipate these problems than to regret them at a later date.
Vale más prevenir que curar.
Prevention is better than cure.
Esto vale la pena repetirlo.
That is something worth repeating.
Esto vale también para Turquía.
The same applies to Turkey.
Más vale prevenir que curar.
Prevention is better than cure.
Más vale prevenir que curar.
Prevention is better than cure.
¿Vale la pena este objetivo?
Is this a worthy goal?
Más vale prevenir que curar.
It is better to be safe than sorry.
El "suave, suave" ya no vale.
'Softly, softly' will not do anymore.
Miren lo que vale hoy.
Look at what it is worth today.
Más vale prevenir que curar.
Prevention is better than cure.
Más vale algo que nada.
Half a loaf is better than no bread.
Más vale que sea temprano.
And it would be better if it were done sooner.
Más vale prevenir que curar.
Prevention is more important than cure.
Lo mismo vale para Bosnia.
The same is true of Bosnia!
Más vale tarde que nunca.
But better late than never.
Esto vale, en particular, para Italia.
This is particularly true in the case of Italy.
Ya no vale más que 0,85 dólares.
It is now valued at only USD 0.85.
Lo mismo vale para el alcohol.
The same applies to drinking.
Vale la pena insistir en este punto.
That point is worth emphasising.
Una imagen vale más que mil palabras.
A picture is worth a thousand words.
Lo mismo vale para nuestros propios países.
That applies just as much in our own countries.
Evidentemente, vale para cualquier Estado miembro.
This obviously applies to all Member States.
Lo mismo vale para el Tribunal.
The same goes for the Court.
No vale la pena pagar este precio.
It is a price not worth paying.
Por eso, no me vale este tipo de argumentos.
I do not therefore accept this kind of argument.
Creo que vale la pena señalarlo.
That is something I think worth noting.
Lo mismo vale para el G90.
The same goes for the G90.
Esto vale se aplica a muchos sectores.
That applies to many areas.
Pienso que vale la pena recomendarlo.
I believe it has much to commend it.
Eso también vale para el mercado financiero.
That also applies to the financial market.
Es comprensible, pero vale de poco.
This is understandable, but of little value.
Lo mismo vale para la policía.
The same applies to the police.
Niza no vale; es constatar lo evidente.
Nice is no use. That is stating the obvious.
Es algo que vale la pena subrayar.
This is something worth highlighting.
Vale la pena ofrecer a Ucrania esta oportunidad.
It is worth presenting Ukraine with this opportunity.
Vale, tienen prisa, permítanme concluir muy brevemente.
Right, you are in a hurry, let us conclude very briefly.
Tarde, pero más vale tarde que nunca.
It is late, but better late than never.
Lamento decir que esa respuesta no nos vale.
I am sad to say that that response is not good enough for us.
No obstante, sin duda vale la pena intentarlo.
However, it is certainly worth the attempt.
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