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Spanish Word: solito

English Translation: habitually

Translated sentences containing 'solito'
¿Se podrá apañar él solito?
Will he be able to manage on his own?
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  agalla - gill
  desmayado - fainted, unconscious
  abstracto - abstractedly, abstractly
  termómetro - thermometer
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  industrioso - diligent, industriously
  alfalfa - alfalfa
  zorra - bitch, vixen
  costroso - scabby
  morbosidad - morbidity
  vibratorio - oscillating, oscillatory
  pandemónium - pandemonium
  sustitución - substitution
  urgente - urgent, pressing
  ingobernable - uncontrollable
  emigración - emigration, migration
  caimán - alligator
  redactor - columnist
  semáforo - traffic light, semaphore
  gañido - yelp

Popular Phrase: teaching spanish to preschoolers | Conjugated Verb: divertir - to amuse, entertain [ click for full conjugation ]