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Spanish Word: síncopa

English Translation: syncopation

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  adquiridor - acquire
  cromosoma - chromosome
  se a - indication
  palanca - hand gear, lever, levers
  herboso - grassy
  con seguridad - safely
  incendio provocado - arson
  utensilios - apparatuses
  hombre anuncio - sandwich man
  malhumorado - crabby, glum, peevish, sulky, sullen
  impracticable - unfeasible
  conífero - conifer
  udo - knot
  estampido - boom
  mecanógrafa - female stenotypist, stenotypist
  diácono - deacon
  reversible - reversible
  dar energía - energize
  construccion - construction
  narcisismo - narcissism

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