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Spanish Word: sin corazón

English Translation: heartless

Translated sentences containing 'sin corazón'
¡No seáis sin corazón!
Don't you guys be without a heart!
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  robusto - robust, sturdy
  aguacate - avocado
  esmero - carefulness
  micrófono - microphone
  orina - urine
  sinecura - sinecure
  vara - rod, rood
  significativamente - significantly
  fruición - fruition
  inexpresivamente - blankly
  glándula - gland
  caritativamente - charitably
  óseo - bony
  cosas - stuff
  confesionario - confessional
  macarrón - macaroon
  a bordo - aboard, shipboard
  radioactividad - radioactivity
  idilio - idyll
  pagaduria - appointed paying agent

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