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Spanish Word: secundario

English Translation: secondary

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  alargamiento - elongation
  vacaciones - holiday, vacation
  purgante - laxative
  perímetro - circumference, perimeter
  fragante - fragrant, notorious, redolent
  cartucho - cartridge
  torbellino - maelstrom, whirlpool, whirlpools
  invento - fiction
  terrorista - terrorist
  significativo - meaningful, significant
  vagabundo - tramp
  ascetismo - asceticism
  excusa - alibi, apology, excuse me
  amplitud - amplitude
  madera flotante - driftwood
  tener cuidado - look out
  diacrítico - diacritical
  adicional - extra, additional, additive
  dril - denim
  lechero - dairyman, milkman

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