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Spanish Word: sándwich

English Translation: sandwich

Translated sentences containing 'sándwich'
Reyna pidió un sándwich de pavo.
Reyna ordered a turkey sandwich.
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  acostumbrado - accustomed, customary
  puntería - marksmanship
  carrito - cart, stroller, trolley
  regulador - regulator
  bomberos - fire department, fire brigade,...
  a pie - on foot, afoot
  espectador - audience, onlooker, spectator,...
  gravemente - gravely
  incongruente - incongruous
  palmadita - pat
  gráfico - chart, graphic, graphical
  tango - tango
  movedizo - maneuverable, portable
  testarudo - stubborn
  tacañería - stinginess
  aleros - eaves
  promovedor - catalyzer, catalyzers, sponsor
  vacunación - vaccination
  empuje - compression, oppressiveness, printing
  insubordinación - insubordination

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