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Spanish Word: el ruego

English Translation: request

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  la pupila - pupil (of the eye)
  abajo - down, below, downward, downstairs
  el bicho - animal, beast, bug (insect), pesky child
  el dorso - back side of something, back
  güero - blond, blonde, golden-colored
  el grupo - group, cluster, set (of items),...
  la plaga - the plague, epidemic, blight, curse,...
  el reino - kingdom, realm
  la riada - flood (literal or figurative)
  la deuda - debt
  luego - next, later, soon, then
  la ostra - oyster
  negro - black (literal or figurative), dark,...
  el trapo - rag, cloth, dishcloth, bullfighting...
  el esnob, la esnob - snob, someone who follows the latest...
  la gesta - memorable act, feat, exploit,...
  el hurto - theft, the act of stealing or pilfering
  el lince - lynx
  el ovino - pertaining to sheep, ovine
  la pausa - pause, break

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