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Spanish Word: recuperación

English Translation: recovery, recuperation, retrieval

Translated sentences containing 'recuperación'
Le deseo una pronta recuperación.
I wish you a prompt recovery.
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  horrores - atrocity
  librería - bookstore, bookshop
  incluido - included
  amorosamente - dearly
  magnanimidad - magnanimity
  chinchorrero - officious
  rechoncho - stubby, thickset
  a caballo - horseback
  esófago - esophagus, oesophagus
  adulterio - adultery
  alcachofa - artichoke
  marcado - highlighted, marked
  octágono - octagon
  psicosomático - psychosomatic
  intensidad - intensity
  granero - barn, shed, stand
  lisonjero - flatterer
  amorio - flirtatiousness
  aglomeracion - accumulation

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