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Spanish Word: rebanada

English Translation: slice, bread and butter

Translated sentences containing 'rebanada'
Cómete esta rebanada de sandía, pero no te comas las semillas.
Eat this slice of watermelon, but don't eat the seeds.
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More Spanish -> English Translations
  postura - bid, bidding
  friolento - chilly
  cicatrización - cicatrization
  civilización - civilization
  infimo - lowest
  episcopaliano - episcopalian
  autodeterminación - self-determination
  especulaciones - speculations
  tanquista - tanker
  imitación - imitation
  redoma - vial
  viveza - airiness, briskness
  susodicho - above mentioned
  extinctor - extingusiher
  inmunidad - immunity
  fortín - outpost
  llamativo - staring, striking
  casaadosada - terraced house
  indefinido - undefined, undetermined, undesignated
  albornoz - dessing gown

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