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Spanish Word: realmente

English Translation: real (adj) (adv), however

Translated sentences containing 'realmente'
Nunca sabes realmente si se está eligiendo al mejor.
You never know really if the best one is being chosen.
Yo hablaría con él como si me interesara realmente el negocio.
I would talk to him as though the business really interested me.
Se cayó y se quebró una pierna, lo que era realmente una tragedia.
He fell and broke a leg, which really was a tragedy.
No sé si está realmente enamorada de mí.
I don't know if she's really in love with me.
Lo he pasado realmente bien.
I really had a lovely time.
Realmente me sorprende.
I am really quite surprised.
Realmente no comprendo.
I really do not understand.
Realmente no basta.
It really is not good enough.
¿Es eso realmente así?
But is this actually true?
¿Constituye realmente un problema?
Is there really a problem here?
Resulta realmente irónico.
It is quite ironic really.
¿Es realmente necesario?
But is it really necessary?
Yo, realmente, no entiendo nada.
I really do not understand at all.
Esto es realmente preocupante.
This is of deep concern.
Realmente, volvió a ser impreciso.
With this statement, he was, in fact, vague once again.
Realmente es demasiado tarde.
That is, in fact, too late.
Pero es realmente cierto.
But it is actually true.
Realmente no es una pregunta.
That is not really a question.
Pero son realmente correctos.
However, you are quite correct.
¿Qué significa esto realmente?
What does it really mean?
¿Qué hiciste tú realmente?»
What did you actually do?'
¿Realmente diremos eso?
Are we really going to say that?
¿Qué hacemos realmente ahí?
What are we really doing there?
Realmente me deja estupefacta.
This really leaves me dumbfounded.
Realmente lo lamentamos profundamente.
We really do regret that most deeply.
Me parece realmente escandaloso.
I find this nothing short of scandalous.
¿Qué queremos realmente?
What do we really want?
Realmente ha sido admirable.
It has in actual fact been admirable.
Realmente no es así.
It is certainly not the case.
Realmente esto no es así.
That really is not the case.
Realmente necesitamos estas medidas.
We really do need these measures.
Realmente no estamos a la altura.
We really are not up to it.
Sí, realmente históricas.
Yes, they have been truly historic.
Realmente somos muy ahorradores.
We are actually very thrifty.
Realmente es así.
That is indeed the case.
Es realmente lamentable.
I find this highly regrettable.
¡Me parece realmente demasiado!
I believe that that is truly excessive.
¿Marcará realmente una diferencia?
Will it really make a difference?
¿Deberíamos fijarnos realmente objetivos?
Should we actually be setting ourselves targets?
Es realmente triste.
That is something really sad.
Esto realmente urge.
This really is a matter of urgency.
Realmente me siento amenazada.
I really do feel under threat.
Realmente resulta muy desalentador.
This is very discouraging indeed.
Esto me parece realmente pasmoso.
I find this utterly astonishing.
Es realmente una vergüenza.
That is a real shame.
¿De qué trata realmente?
What is this really about?
¿A qué están esperando realmente?
What are you really waiting for?
Porque realmente lo es.
Indeed that is what it is in reality.
¿Qué significa realmente?
What does it actually mean?
Son realmente positivos.
They are really very good.
Realmente resulta bastante sorprendente.
It is really quite amazing.
¿Qué intereses defienden realmente?
What interests are they really defending?
¿Son realmente tan buenas?
Are they really all that great?
Esto es realmente inaceptable.
That was really beyond the pale.
Sí, realmente es así.
Yes, this is how it really is.
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