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Spanish Word: plusvalia

English Translation: added value tax, value added tax

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  arduo - arduous
  quid - gist
  huidizo - elusive
  monseñor - monsignor
  cloaca - sewer
  barbitúrico - barbiturate
  inescrutable - inscrutable
  resaltado - highlighted
  equipaje - baggage, luggage
  monolítico - monolithic
  parasitario - parasitic
  callado - closemouthed, silencing
  desintegración - disintegration
  gnomo - gnome
  comite - committee
  resbaladizo - skids
  mercurial - mercurial
  fascinante - fascinating, glamorous
  senado - senate
  semejantemente - similarly

Popular Phrase: preterite of caer | Conversational Spanish | Conjugated Verb: tapar - to cover; to put the lid on, put the cap on, put the stopper in [a container]; to cover up, hide, conceal [ click for full conjugation ]