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Spanish Word: pinzón

English Translation: chaffinch

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  bilingüe - bilingual
  falsete - falsetto
  sin fondo - bottomless
  ética - ethics
  sociológico - sociological
  sofocante - suffocating
  sin dientes - toothless
  confkdencial - confidential, tete a tete
  chinche - bedbug
  frugal - frugal
  corresponsal - correspondent
  estropajo - scouring, swab
  rendición - rendition
  habitado - inhabited
  infarto - heart attack, infarction
  mutilación - maim, mutilation
  alcalinidad - alkalinity
  montante - stud
  arido - arid
  pantalones - pants, trousers, pantaloons, slacks

Popular Phrase: learning spanish | Learn Spanish for Free | Conjugated Verb: picar - to prick, puncture, perforate; to sting, bite [said of an insect or snake]; to peck (at); to itch, sting [ click for full conjugation ]