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Spanish Word: personalmente

English Translation: personally

Translated sentences containing 'personalmente'
Ella las recibió personalmente si estaba en su casa cuando llegaron.
She received them personally if she was at home when they arrived.
Si Gabriela estaba ayer en su casa, recibió las flores personalmente.
If Gabriela was at home yesterday, she received the flowers personally.
Entréguele usted esto al abogado personalmente.
Give this to the lawyer personally.
Distribuya usted las muestras personalmente.
Distribute the samples personally.
Personalmente, no votaré.
I myself am going to abstain from voting.
Personalmente, no comparto esta opinión.
I personally take a different view on this.
Personalmente, estaría a favor.
Personally speaking, I would be in favour of this.
Se me ha atacado personalmente.
A personal attack has been made on me.
Personalmente, creo que sí.
I personally believe that we should.
Personalmente, prefiero esta opción.
That would be my personal preference.
Personalmente, comparto esta opinión.
I personally sympathise with this view.
Personalmente me parece bien.
That is fine by me.
Personalmente, me parece vomitiva.
Personally, it makes me want to throw up.
Personalmente, deploro esta actitud.
Personally, I deplore that pronouncement.
Personalmente, no me parece problemático.
Personally, I do not have a problem with this.
No le he atacado a él personalmente.
I was not attacking him, specifically.
Personalmente, así lo creo.
I personally believe in it.
Personalmente, lamento tal fragmentación.
Personally, I regret this fragmentation.
Personalmente, no lo considero así.
Many citizens would just see it as a further example of the EU elite doing exactly as it pleases.
Personalmente, he perdido la esperanza.
Personally, I have lost all faith.
Personalmente, no lo creo.
Personally, I do not think so.
Personalmente, lamento su situación.
I personally feel very sorry for you.
Yo me opuse a ello personalmente.
I personally was opposed to it.
Personalmente defenderé el compromiso.
As far as I am concerned, I shall defend the compromise.
Personalmente, lo lamento mucho.
Personally, I regret this very much.
Me comprometo a ello personalmente.
I can give a personal undertaking in this context.
Personalmente, yo no lo haría.
I personally would not do that.
Personalmente me siento sumamente alarmado.
I myself am terribly alarmed.
Personalmente no opino lo mismo.
I myself do not believe that.
Personalmente no veo la diferencia.
I personally fail to see the difference.
Personalmente no conozco ninguna.
I personally do not think so.
Personalmente estoy muy enojada.
I personally am very angry about that.
Personalmente me alegro de todo esto.
Personally speaking, I welcome all of the above.
Personalmente no me gustaría tener que hacerlo.
I would not like the job myself.
Personalmente, me andaría con sumo cuidado.
I would be very careful about this.
Personalmente, quisiera hacer una sugerencia.
Personally, I would like to make a suggestion.
¡Personalmente quiero protestar contra ello!
I personally wish to protest against this!
Personalmente, me complace transmitirles esta petición.
I was more than willing to convey this request to you.
Personalmente, estoy contento con ello.
Personally, I am glad about it.
Personalmente, mantengo una opinión diferente.
I have a different opinion personally.
Se lo dije a ellos personalmente.
I said all of that to them personally.
Yo personalmente apoyaría este enfoque.
Personally I would support this approach.
Me ocuparé personalmente de esta cuestión.
I shall deal with this matter personally.
Permítanme felicitar personalmente a la ponente.
Let me also personally congratulate the rapporteur.
Personalmente, prefiero la primera hipótesis.
Personally, I favour the former scenario.
Personalmente quiero destacar este punto.
I personally emphasised this point.
Sin embargo, personalmente, votaré a favor.
However, I, personally, will be voting in favour of it.
Estoy personalmente comprometida con esto.
I am personally committed to this.
Esto, personalmente, me llena de optimismo.
This fills me, personally, with very great optimism.
Yo personalmente así lo haré.
I personally shall do so.
Personalmente, encuentro esta idea interesante.
Personally, I find this an interesting idea.
Personalmente me importa mucho este tema.
I feel personally very strongly about this issue.
A mí, personalmente, eso me parece inaceptable.
Personally, this seems unacceptable to me.
Personalmente no puedo apoyar esta propuesta.
I personally cannot support this proposal.
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