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Spanish Word: papaya

English Translation: papaya

Translated sentences containing 'papaya'
¿Sirven ustedes papaya?
Do you serve papaya?
¿Les gusta la papaya?
Do you all like papaya?
Yo quisiera papaya con helado de vainilla.
I would like papaya with vanilla ice cream.
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More Spanish -> English Translations
  traumático - traumatic
  honorarios - fee, honorarium
  vitando - abhorrent
  ahinco - assiduousness, assiduousnesses, zeal
  indignante - revolting
  irrompible - unbreakable, unbroken
  liquidacion - sale (discount)
  lasto - dim, dull, matt
  amigable - friendly, amicable
  vacación - vacation (in ~)
  obscuro - somber
  repulsa - refusal
  inmenso - immense
  original - original, aboriginal
  desconexo - unconnected
  federacion - alliance
  destructor - destroyer
  fortaleza - fortress, fortitude, stronghold
  gasoil - diesel
  sábana - sheet (sleeping)

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