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Spanish Word: la pantorrilla

English Translation: calf (of the leg)

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  el paquete - parcel, package, packet, pack,...
  la prontitud - promptness, punctuality
  el pupitre - desk
  pulcro - neat, meticulous, tidy
  el puenting - bungee jumping
  el pudor - shame
  el puercoespín - porcupine
  el premio - award, prize, reward
  la posada - inn, guesthouse, lodging
  la posdata, la postdata - postscript, afterthought, epilogue
  pluvial - having to do with rain
  el plus - monetary bonus, extra pay, allowance...
  PNB (producto nacional bruto) - GNP (gross national product)
  la Pascua - Easter, Passover, Pentecost
  la pelota - ball
  pasota - apathetic, indifferent
  la pastilla - tablet, pill, bar (of soap), piece...
  el pastor, la pastor - shepherd
  la plancha - iron (used in ironing clothing), the...
  el plenilunio - full moon

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